Friday, 25 December 2009


Night of Demons has been on the shelves for nearly six months by this time, and the reception from reviewers has been unanimously terrific. Here's a summary of them so far:

"The action doesn't let up for a page as Richards pulls one menace out of the bag after another. Raine's Landing is a playground for (his) vibrant imagination, while the rest of us stand on the sidelines with eyes wide open at his audacity and wonder what he'll do next" -- Black Static magazine

"Richards is a master at suspending disbelief and combining horror, fantasy and humor in a way that will mesmerize readers from cover to cover" -- Romantic Times Book Reviews - sf/fantasy

"Fans of Laurell K. Hamilton and the Sookie Stockhouse novels will thoroughly enjoy this enthralling novel. This urban fantasy horror thriller will appeal to fans of differing sub-genres as a riveted audience finish 'Night of Demons' in one sitting" -- SF Revu

"A fast-paced read with plenty of action. Tony Richards has written a great book with people you just want to read more about" -- Bestsellersworld

"Richards manages a true fantasy -- dragons, swords, magic and a whole town filled with magic users. But he doesn't stop there. By weaving this fantasy into a modern setting, (he) creates something unique. Take that, Harry Potter!" -- The Deepening

"If you are a fan of dark fantasy then you will enjoy 'Night of Demons'" -- Night Owl Reviews

"Well written and entertaining. Urban fantasy fans are sure to enjoy it" -- Shroud Magazine

"Another mind-blowing story in the innovative setting of Raine's Landing. The (town's) adepts are a fascinatingly strange group. The story contains terror, violence -- but no more excessive than warranted by the plot -- pathos, tragedy, and redemption. Recommended" -- News from the Crypt

"The pace was excellent. This is a supernatural suspense story that will keep you turning the pages and waiting to see what comes next" -- Fandomania

"'Night of Demons' is a great story and will be enjoyed by many, including non-fantasy readers"

"Non-stop action, unexpected twists. The book is a page-turner" -- Mysterious Galaxy

"I enjoyed every page of 'Night of Demons' and all I can say is it matches its predecessor in tension, good characterization, and sheer excitement. Now, of course, I'm begging for a third book" --

"This is what Modern Dark Fantasy SHOULD be. After reading this 2nd book in the series, I'm officially hooked. I'll be eagerly anticipating more journeys into Raine's Landing" -- Goodreads

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