Monday, 18 April 2011


When we left Tanya Merrit at the end of Hot Blood 1: The Seductress, she had travelled from New York to the Latin American dictatorship of San Vasquez, attempting to rescue Kathy from the vampires. She fell in with some interesting new allies, managed to kill some of Janos Wolkran's crew, but found herself, by the end of the novel, forced to head off again -- to Eastern Europe this time -- in a final attempt to destroy him.

And now the second, and final, part of the story -- Hot Blood 2: Captive of the Night -- is out on Amazon Kindle. And I don't want to give away the entire plot, so the best that I can do is reproduce the 'back cover' material:

"The vampires have fled to Eastern Europe. And, pursuing them, Tanya is forced to make a perilous journey over the Atlantic, racing the sunrise the whole way. But are her struggles even worth it? Kathy is already in the final stages of turning into a vampire. Janos Wolkran's blood has swept right through her body. The final shreds of her humanity are disappearing, giving way to something far more savage. Tanya finds some more unexpected allies as she makes her way through Prague, then Budapest. But the question keeps on slamming at her ... even if she catches up and manages to destroy Wolkran, is there any way of changing Kathy back?"

The terrific cover art, by the way, is once again by Steve Upham of Screaming Dreams.

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