Wednesday, 11 January 2012


My latest publication on Amazon Kindle is a novella that first appeared in my collection No-Man and Other Tales in 2007. It's a hard-hitting thriller with a supernatural twist to it, and not about any lightweight subject either. Here's the blurb:

"Owen Glazer is a young and single man with a bright, promising future. That is until, at an annual party at a top London hotel, his life gets turned completely upside-down. There, in the bar, he meets Eva Elenescu, the most beautiful, beguiling woman he has ever seen. It quickly becomes apparent that she is a high-class call girl, but that’s not the entire story. Eva is not doing it willingly -- she is wholly the property of a vicious gang of Russian mobsters headed by a boss who is a brutal psychopath. Owen decides to get her away from them. But the harder he tries, the deeper he finds himself sinking into a nightmarishly dark quagmire of corruption, big money, and savage violence. Until finally he sees the truth … there is one way to rescue Eva, but it might cost him his immortal soul."

Glass Slipper isn't for the faint-hearted, but then I didn't intend it to be a comfortable read. And how did the idea come about in the first place? Well, I simply thought up the title first. I wrote it down without having the first notion what story might go with it ... that sometimes happens. I forgot about it, but then -- some couple of years later -- two things happened. First, I started reading (to my horror) the first articles about the criminal trade in Eastern European women. And then a few months after that, I had a talk with a journalist friend of mine who'd, just the day before, had a terrifying run-in with a bunch of exactly that type of thug. And I suddenly knew what my title was going to be about.

The cover, once again, is by the excellent Steve Upham. And you can find out more about Glass Slipper and my other ebooks here.

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