Sunday, 9 November 2008


November 4th, 2008, will be remembered by most people as a pretty auspicious day, one on which history was made. And what was I doing that momentous evening? I was in the wonderful Dark Delicacies bookstore, Burbank, CA, signing copies not only of 'Dark Rain' -- Book #1 in the Raine's Landing series -- but of my collections 'Shadows and Other Tales' and 'Passport to Purgatory,' plus the latest 'Mammoth Book of Horror,' which contains one of my stories. And some people turned up clutching magazines from the Eighties with my fiction in them. That's a lot of signing! I wound up -- appropriately -- with writer's cramp. But thanks to Del and Sue of DD for being such wonderful hosts.

Even better, afterwards, there was a party to celebrate both the birthday and 20 year professional career of Britain's top horror and dark fantasy editor, Stephen Jones. The picture is of -- left to right -- Steve, myself (dog-tired after a convention, a flight from Calgary to LA, a lengthy signing, and dragging around the Valley with Steve and chums the whole previous day), and Pete Atkins, author and scriptwriter of Hellraiser and Wishmaster fame. And appropriately, we're posed in front of posters of some Clive Barker films. (Photo by Peter Coleburn, copyright (c) 2008 Peter Coleburn.)

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